Introduction of SQI


Shanghai Institute of Quality Inspection and Technical Research (SQI) is a legally-established, non-profit scientific and research governmental laboratory. It is a national institute of product quality inspection and research in Shanghai.

SQI takes the leading position in its comprehensive strength in China. It has 9 national centers of supervision and inspection, namely National Center of Supervision and Inspection on Food Products Quality, Consumer Goods Quality, Cosmetics & Cleaning Products Quality, Electrical Appliance Energy Efficiency and Safety, Electric Light Source Quality, Smart Grid Distributed Power Equipment Quality (under construction), Furniture, Building Materials and Decoration Materials, Lighting Fitting. It also has 5 industrial quality inspection centers and 8 municipal-level product quality inspection stations. With multiple qualifications of inspecting Industrial Products and Food Production Licenses issuing, it also undertakes the work entrusted by China Quality Certification Center to conduct CCC (China Compulsory Certification) certification, etc. SQI offers services of quality inspection, system certification, standardized service, metrology verification and calibration, energy saving monitoring inspection, training and consulting.

SQI is a qualified testing laboratory and inspecting organization complying with international standards ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO/IEC 17020 respectively; it is accredited by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS), and has gained CAL and CMA qualifications that are accepted by Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of ChinaCNCAand Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision. SQI is one of the Chinese CB laboratories that have been assessed by IECEE. It is capable of issuing CB test reports accepted by over 50 countries and areas according to international standards of 12 product categories involving more than 260 standards.

SQI has already obtained nationally and internationally accredited qualifications of more than 4600 items referring to more than 8500 standards. The main inspection scopes include: food, cosmetics, household-use electrical appliances, electronic appliances, electric light sources, lighting fittings, light industrial products, furniture, construction and house decoration and furnishing materials, chemical products, mechanical and electrical products. Meanwhile, its calibration scope covers: liner measurement, mechanics, acoustics, thermometry, electromagnetism, wireless sets, time and frequency, chemistry, optics, excluded-used instruments and meters, etc.

SQI, the chief secretariat of National Technical Committee 480 on Furniture of Standardization Administration of China and secretariat of National Lighting Standardization Tech Committee, is affiliated by several industrial and Shanghai standardization organizations. It also has a branch of Shanghai Standard Reference Library. 

SQI is committed to the construction of quality inspection public service platforms, with a number of qualifications like Quality Control and Technical Evaluation Laboratory  by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People`s Republic of China, Shanghai Public Service Platform for Small and Medium Enterprises, Shanghai Food Safety Inspection and Evaluation Platform and so on.

SQI is constantly promoting the development of relevant industries and inspection services. As a leading member of China Quality Inspection Association, China Association for Standardization, Shanghai Certification Association, Shanghai Association of Quality Inspection, Shanghai Association for Instrumental Analysis, Shanghai Furniture Association and Lighting Association, it takes an active part in organizing academic and technical exchanges. It also initiated technical alliances of furniture, household-use electrical appliances & electronic products, lighting appliances quality inspection centers.

SQI has provided inspections to ensure product and food safety during the Beijing Olympics, Shanghai EXPO 2010, FINA World Championships and other grand events and has offered reliable technical support for over 70 emergency food and product safety events. SQI enjoys the honor of keeping ahead in quality safety risk monitoring and evaluation nationwide, which plays an innovative role in product quality safety supervision system perfection.

SQI is dedicated to fulfilling its social responsibilities and quality inspection culture. It has won the titles of National/Shanghai Municipal Model Unit, National/ Shanghai Quality Education Social Practice Base for Primary and Secondary Students, Shanghai Peace Demonstration Unit, Volunteer Team of Shanghai Volunteer Association and so on. With the constant participation in social welfare activities, SQI offers consulting and testing services on food and product quality safety for consumers, communities and people of all walks of society.