SQI Visited Siemens Healthineers Shanghai for Communication

On September 10, SQI visited Siemens Healthineers Shanghai (SSME) for communication.

On the meeting, senior R&D engineer of SSME introduced the organization structure, development and production condition of medical diagnosis equipment and related parts. The testing requirements of medical devices such as computed tomography (CT) and X-ray were put forward by SSME then. Both side discussed on the testing on class II medical instruments, such as X-ray film machine, B-ultrasound, microscope, biochemical instrument, color ultrasound imaging equipment, laser surgery equipment, high-frequency electric knife, microwave therapeutic instrument, medical nuclear magnetic resonance imaging equipment. The two sides hope to cooperate deeply on medical equipments testing and promote the health development in this field.

In the future, SQI will further focus on the actual needs of the enterprise and make use of the advantages of government laboratory to improve our service and contribute to the promotion of product quality.