SQI Visited Robert Bosch Venture Investment for Communication

On January 19, SQI National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Building Materials and Decoration Materials visited Robert Bosch Venture Investment for communication.

On the meeting, Mrs. Luo Jufen, Secretary General of national furniture Standardization Technical Committee introduced the qualification and ability and business scope of SQI. She shared the vision that SQI would organically integrate the furniture standard work with the development of the industry and give full play to the economic and social benefits of the standard to promote Chinese furniture standard level to a new level. Mr.He Bing, GM of Robert Bosch Venture Investment introduced the development history of the company in the field of infant furniture standard and testing service. He hoped that SQI could provide furniture product testing technical services and training needs of furniture standards. The two sides discussed on the structural safety technology of Bosch''s new research and development of infant and children''s furniture and hoped to strengthen cooperation on the promotion of development of furniture industry in the future.